4th Thursday of Eastertide – Acts 13:13-25; John 13:16-20

Couldn’t God have put man’s mistake right while still in Paradise? Of course He could. So, why did He choose a winding road preparing humanity for hundreds for years, why did He enter one nation and not another, why did He choose one time in history and not another, and in addition, calling it the fullness of time will all remain a mystery.
However, there’s no doubt that as with the Judges, Samuel, David and John the Baptist being a part of the Divine puzzle, so it is today. We may ask hundreds of time why He chose these and not others, why does He write the story of the Kingdom with both grace and sin, but it won’t change the fact that that we are all in it. Not like slaves. As free beings. this is probably why this story has so many twists and turns, from which we sometimes emerge broken, but He is always victorious.

God writes straight with crooked lines.

Attributed to Saint Teresa of Ávila.

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