Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus – 2 Timothy 1:1-8; Luke 10:1-9

Usually, we observe what comes from the outside. The difficulty is opening the closed door, a confrontation with reality, sometimes a lack of sleep. Adversaries have opinions different than ours, throwing a spanner in the works, openly fighting. Only we have good will . . .


How much the power of God is needed to overcome the reluctance that comes when we sit down at the table with those who different opinions, throw spanner’s in the works and openly aggressive. It’s easier to shake off the dust, bring down lightning as James and John wanted to, take into the hand – like Peter in Gethsemane – the sword.

Jesus says: overcome opposition within yourself. Don’t judge. Don’t be too clever. Don’t feel superior. Sit together at the table. That is, form a community. Heal. This means to allow grace to act through you. In the end announce. Grace. Mercy. The peace of God the Father and Jesus Christ, our Lord.