Saturday of Week 12 – Lamentations 2:2,10-14,18-19; Matthew 8:5-17

The visions your prophets had on your behalf were delusive, tinsel things, they never pointed out your sin, to ward off your exile.

Judah, as Israel earlier, became enslaved. Judah was unfaithful to the Covenant with God, and unfaithful due to greed. As well as, as the author of Lamentations writes, through the soothing voices of false prophets.

And today we have many prophets. We can encounter lots of them in the space of the Internet. Which is a true prophet? Which ones false?

It’s easy to check. We can all read. You just have to take the Gospel into your hands. Feed yourself slowly on it, without haste. Not looking for confirmation of the views of one prophet or another neither for your own views, but reading it as it is. In what is comfortable and what is uncomfortable . . .

Because it’s the truth which is most important here. Not smoothing or sharp words. Not calming promises or harsh judgements. Not delusion. Truth.

Jesus, today with confidence I give myself to Your will, to what you desire for me: Lord, if You want to, You can . . .