Friday of Week 12 – 2 Kings 25:1-12; Ps 137:1-6; Matthew 8:1-4

He took our sicknesses away, and carried our diseases for us. [Mt 8:17]

Purifying the human heart and thoughts from sin involves suffering. Sometimes I haven’t experienced this suffering directly, but I’ve seen it in the lives of others, in their life stories. Does this mean my life is easier? Apparently so, because I don’t suffer personally, but when I see the pain of others, I suffer with them.

That is why Jesus’ suffering is so enormous and immeasurable. He took upon himself the weaknesses and diseases of all people and thus experienced every suffering that a given person’s life involved. Mine too.

But what does this mean to me? Do I believe that in all my suffering He suffers alongside me? Do I believe that He wants me to be cleansed and is waiting for my faith, for me to fall at His feet and ask for this cleansing?

Jesus is not disgusted with me, even when I am up to my ears in sin. If I fall down before Him, if I consent to Him cleansing me, He will do it: He will touch me, speak the Word, and I will become clean.

But is that what I want? Do I have the faith of a leper?