Thursday of Week 10 – 1 Kings 18:41-46; Psalm 64:10-13, Matthew 5:20-26

Today’s reading is a passage from the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5-7), in which Jesus explains His role in the history of salvation. It teaches clearly and at the same time shows its uniqueness. He says: “You have learnt how it was said”, then quotes one of the commandments of the Decalogue, and adds “But I say this to you”, giving His interpretation of the commandment. The teachers of the Law did not dare to teach this way. Jesus speaks with the power and authority of the Son, not just the wisdom of a teacher. What greater righteousness is there than that of the Pharisees? They tried to follow the Law down to the smallest detail. Can you ask for more? Well, “more” means “deeper”. The point is not to follow as many regulations as possible, but to fulfil those contained in the Law with deeper moral sensitivity.

Lord Jesus, You reveal that justice is not so much fulfilling the Law to the letter, but it is love sensitive to the glory of the Father and the good of other people. Give me the ability to live by such justice. Amen.