Monday of Week 11 – 1 Kings 21:1-26; Ps 50:3-6,11,16; Mt 5:38-42

We will not win. It dawns on us suddenly or gradually: we won’t win this time. We will be defeated by wrongdoers, bad fate, our own weakness, transience, and the accumulation of adversities. A snap and we are gone – although the truth was on our side, we resisted evil, we strived for what was valuable. This poor man Naboth, who did not want to sell his inheritance to Ahab – yes, his story summarizes our fate.

But God tells us that evil will not win. That all losers are in good – His – company. That we will still laugh in the face of death. That they will remember our names in heaven like Naboth the Jezreelite.

Evil is not pleasing to God. Let this be enough for us. Persevere. Feel it for yourself. With him.