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Thursday of Week 13 – Amos 7:10-17; Matthew 9:1-8

They happen to be better, thoroughly educated, all-round well formed, and deeply spiritual. So, what is it about if God sometimes prefers to choose a simple man?

I was no prophet, neither did I belong to any of the brotherhoods of prophets, I was a shepherd, and looked after sycamores: but it was the Lord who took me from herding the flock, and the Lord who said, “Go, prophesy to my people Israel.”

I didn’t listen to God’s voice. I didn’t think about what my vocation was. My life choices and God’s order have brought me to where I am. Maybe there are many in the world those who would have done a lot better in my situation. They would be betters sons and brothers, smarter debaters with friends, and wonderful servants of the parish. But it was God who put me in this place. My job is to do the best I can. God will have to take care of the rest.