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Feast of Saint Benedict, Abbot – Prov 2:1-9; Ps 34:2-11; Matthew 19:27-29

We have left everything and followed you. What are we to have, then? Mt 19,27b

What was Peter’s motive for asking Jesus this question? Curiosity about what awaits him for choosing the way to follow him, or rather self-interest? And although we rarely ask God such questions, we internally count on a reward for prayer, participation in the Mass, devotions. We undertake religious practices not out of love, nor out of a desire to be with God, but in anticipation of a “payment” from Him, waiting for a special consideration. We will not develop a bond with God if it is built on self-interest. Therefore, we will leave little room for Him in our daily obligations. We will not see His presence.

What is my religiosity and what are the reasons for it? Maybe it is just a habit taken from the family home? What place does God occupy in my life? Do I invite him to my responsibilities and causes? How much time do I devote to work, pleasure and prayer? What is my participation in the Mass like? In a hurry or in concentration? With a nervous glance at the watch and impatience, or alone, without counting down the minutes? How much do I live in His presence? Do I care about it, or do I want to “earn” God’s special favours?

I am wrong, but I trust that I will finally find Him and remain with Him forever . . .

A dirt road through a forest

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