Feast of Saint Matthias – Acts 1:15-17,20-26; John 15:9-17

Bygone Christians, when they said God was most important to them, preferred to perish rather than deny Him. They went to the cross, the arena, to the sword; saying that they could not imagine living without the Eucharist, without Holy Communion. When they preached love, even to enemies, they managed to forgive their oppressors, they were able to sell all their possessions and distribute it to those more needy: the sick, widows, orphans. An attitude such as this, such a life as this, could not be ignored. It aroused resentment and contempt, and led others to rage and anger, but also fascinated and attracted others. “Look how they love one another” – many said and received baptism. Because they were not only enraptured with Christ, but they were also able to do great things in the name of His love. In this love they were able to persevere to the end – which for them was usually a martyr’s death.

Can my Christian life, my faith and love, fascinate some else today, captivate someone, or be persuasive in attracting someone to be baptised? Can I love not only when I’m on a high, but also remain – and persevere – to the end of this love?

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