Third Wednesday of Eastertide – Acts 7:1b-8; John 6:35-40

“Yes, it is my Father’s will that whoever sees the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and that I shall raise him up on the last day” (J 6:40).
We hear about the resurrection so much that we become used to it and so, seldom reflect on what this event brings to our lives. What of Jesus having opened heaven, and in himself the possibility of seeing God, since this truth doesn’t obviously make us joyful and long for Him. What of Him having overcoming death has liberated us also, since we don’t appear to live in the hope of the resurrection. We sing the joyful Alleluia, talk about eternal life, but does this truth have an influence on our behaviour? Don’t people live and direct their efforts as though this earthly life was an end in itself? Do we stop at the outward celebration of the truth that gives us the hope of eternal happiness and eternal joy? Are we grateful for this truth?
To live in the hope our own resurrection is to cling to Jesus and to boldly confess Him. To exercise my faith where I live, I work, and where I meet others. This is to trust that He wants the best for me, that He longs for me and wants to meet me in eternity to give His love for me without end.
Thank You, Jesus, that You give Yourself to me, thank You love. I want to counted among those who listen to You, welcome You into my heart and to confess my hope in You.

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