Fifth Tuesday of Easter – Acts 14:19-28; John 14:27-31

Peace is an incredible and precious treasure. An advocate of such peace was St. Francis of Assisi – he proclaimed it in his own Assisi and in many other cities. He was a herald of brotherhood and the avoidance of violence – “In all his speeches, he sought to extend friendship and lay the foundations for new conditions of peace.” Therefore, “he made known peace and in the language of the prophets sermons of salvation.”

Jesus is the Prince of Peace, but not the sort the world gives. His peace is our earnest rediscovery of ourselves in God. The fear that we will lose something irretrievably stands in opposition to peace growing with trusting Jesus. As in the case of the disciples who were anxious at being told of Jesus’ leaving. They thought that since He is leaving, they will be left alone. But Jesus says elsewhere: I will not leave you orphans. Never will we be alone. Only, we have to stop looking through the lens of this world, the lens of what we can’t do, of loss.

The disciples constantly carried with them the fear of losing their Master. And when He actually left in a tragic way, they we broken. It was only His resurrection that restored their lives and confidence. And we have to have this confidence. We are not alone. Jesus is among us. He wants to heal our anxiety.

Lord Jesus, come and dwell in my restless heart and help me to rediscover myself in You.

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