We had to proclaim the word of God to you first, but since you have rejected it, since you do not think yourselves worthy of eternal life, we must turn to the pagans. For this is what the Lord commanded us to do.

Reading these words I think about the parable of the merciful Father. About the son who returned and was welcomed, and about the other son, to whom the Father went out to him outside. we don’t know what happens next in this story – but perhaps it’s then we get we get to know him?

The Father goes out. He persuades. And what of the son? He resists. He criticises. In the end he blasphemes.

The sheep that belong to me (. . .) no one will ever steal them from me – says Jesus. This is a great promise for us all. Not just for us but for every person. Without exception, for there is no one for whom Christ would not die.

The elder son will never be able to make the Father react differently to the other son, who had returned. Considering himself unworthy of eternal life.

Is it the end? Fortunately not. Before the throne of God stand not those who were spotless, but those who washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. People of every nations, race, tribe and tongue. Younger and older brothers. The Father never stops searching for one of His.

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