4th Monday of Eastertide – Acts 11:1-18; John 10:1-10

The downloaded digital music perfectly reproduces the sound of real instruments and vocalists; the label on the shirt guarantees that you will feel the delicacy of the touch of real cotton; plastic flowers in a vase will always look fresh; supermarket brand yoghurt tastes identical to live natural yoghurt; even bread made from processed flour has the smell of fresh bread. Everything is delusional and tempting, instilling a belief in the superiority of fakes over real goods. Or maybe it doesn’t have to seduce and tempt and indoctrinate us with beliefs, because we have ceased to distinguish reality from fiction, true from artificial tastes and colours, claiming that it is even better, because it’s easier, cheaper and simpler. Instead of practicing to play an instrument, a memory stick is enough; no need to bother with ironing the shirt; and no one has to change the water in the vase; and the yogurt will keep much longer; and bread is bought fresh daily anyway. From here it’s now only a step away to a flirtation pretending to be love, economy with the truth instead of a real dialogue, another text message about the lack of time (you know quite well that this is a lie) and rituals full of emotion, but completely devoid of the presence of the living Jesus. It’s nice and pleasant. Because the light version of life and the light version of Jesus don’t tire us. Always downhill, no sweat and no effort, no need to think about and make decisions, avoiding sensitive and controversial topics. And then it’s better not to know that this counterfeit life and fake Jesus light, is a stranger and a thief and a robber . . . It doesn’t matter that it’s harmful. It is important that it’s pleasant to the touch.

Jesus, Good Shepherd, in a world full of illusions, let me know Your true face. Let me hear Your voice. “O, send forth your light and your truth, let these be my guide. Let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell”.

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