Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Week 19 Thursday – Ez 12:1-12; Psalm 77:56-59,61-62; Matthew 18:21-19:1

From our human point of view, it’s an important question. Ultimately it’s not possible to agree to proverbial knife in the back. But God does not get tired of it – He sees forgiveness differently. From His perspective no forgiveness is “wasted”. Each time it transforms in some way. If not the one who offends, then the one who is hurt.

Sometimes you can have the impression that it’s not forgiveness itself that’s the problem, but the pain that the hurt leaves behind. This means that I often can’t deal with it. I’m bleeding and time in no way heals the wound. Not because I scratch it, far from it.

If time doesn’t heal, then maybe you need a doctor. Perhaps like the woman with the haemorrhage you need to touch His cloak? Maybe like the Centurion you to plead “only say the word”. God doesn’t what wounds inflicted by someone else to destroy us. They can be, when healed, the beginning of a new quality of life.