Feast of the Archangels Angels – Daniel 7:9-10,13-14; Ps 138; John 1:47-51

Nathaniel received a promise from Jesus, that he would see more than he experienced in prayer and in conversation with the Master, if he followed Him. Having to trust God, hand the steering wheel over to Him and to let Him lead. To trust and to believe that everything I experience, both in good as well as difficult times, leads to eternal joy and everlasting happiness. I need to humbly follow Him and not try to get ahead of Him.

Jesus points to another world, the heavenly reality which is closely related to the earth. These two connected realities are united in His person. Stepping behind Jesus you can see heaven opened and God’s angels. In sending the Archangels, God brought a little bit of heaven closer to Man. So as to touch it you have to let Him lead.