Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Monday of Week 24 – 1 Cor 11:17-26-33; Ps 40; Luke 7:1-10

We could go to Jesus ourselves. But not feel worthy to meet Him. As I, when I know that I have separated myself with the wall of my sin. Then I prefer to seek mediators. Especially the saints who – as seems to me – will better present my requests to God. And perhaps – like the Centurion’s messengers – will also say something good about me?

Jesus didn’t only fulfil the request of the Centurion. He was amazed and praised his faith. The belief that one word from Him and his servant would be healed.

It isn’t true that when I ask through the intercession of the saints my confidence in God any the less. It gives witness that I know who it is that can do anything. But I am not worthy. And in the secrecy of my heart, I repeat after the Centurion of Capernaum: “I am not worthy that You grant me this grace. But if You decide that You want to, I will be very grateful . . .”.