Wednesday of Week 27 – Gal 2:1-2,7-14; Ps 116; Luke 11:1-4

When we ask God for help, He fortunately does not give us what we deserve. Instead, He responds with grace and mercy. He is kind and forgiving towards us and He expects us to treat our neighbour the same. We can pray with expectant faith because our heavenly Father loves us and treats us as His children. He delights to give us what is good. His love and grace transform us and makes us like Himself. Through His grace and power, we can love and serve one another as Jesus taught – with grace, mercy, and loving-kindness. Do I treat others as they deserve, or do I treat them as the Lord would with grace and mercy? Jesus’ prayer includes an injunction that we must ask God to forgive us in proportion as we forgive those who have wronged us. Am I ready to forgive as Jesus forgives?

Father in heaven, You have given us a mind to know You, a will to serve You, and a heart to love You. Give us today the grace and strength to embrace Your holy will and fill our hearts that all our intentions and actions may be pleasing to You. Help us to be kind and forgiving towards our neighbour as You have been towards us.