Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Monday of Advent 3 – Num 24:2-7; Matthew 21:23-27

Balaam the prophet. Called to curse the enemies of the king of Moab, Balak. Interrupted by a stubborn donkey and an angel of the road, he received the grace of seeing and hearing. He blesses and looks into the future.

When we cover ourselves in ignorance, when like the children in the marketplace we refuse to dance and sing, or like the chief priests and elders question the authority of God, because we want to pursue our own goals, He puts us on a donkey, corners us, hurts a leg, sends an angel with sword drawn, so that we see and listen. Seeing and hearing we begin to bless. By blessing let’s experience the goodness and mercy of the Lord at all times.

How many of my prayers put to God ask questions? Lord, I know the questions do not bother You, it’s whether I listen to the reply. Help me to listen in truth and honesty, and then, perhaps I would not have to ask the question.