Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Monday of Week 6 – Genesis 4:1-15,25; Mark 8:11-13

Sometimes we begin talking to Him. We have questions, accusations and doubts. We’re looking for assurances that we are important in His eyes. We require evidence, that we are right, He who let Himself be out talked, that we are on top. We are suspicious. We demand a sign.

Only is it really a sign we’re talking about? Why do we need it, after all we know our own. Isn’t it sad – to discover that you are in the position of the Pharisees – in the situation of someone who has devoted his life to exploring the world and the laws governing it, who seeks confirmation he is right, who leaves an encounter that could change his whole life with nothing.

Are we also people like these? Do we stand before Him only so that He give us proof, because “he can”. To convince us with some minor or major miracle or some other sign? Does the question stand before about He wants, God Himself? What sign does He want from us?