Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Lent Week 5, Wednesday – Gen 17:3-9; John 18:51-59

Consider the Lord and his strength; constantly seek his face (Ps 105).

Speaking with Abraham, God promises him countless descendants and His protection. We know for what Abraham was destined. He trusted in the words of God from the very beginning. And although they may have seemed in human terms absurd, he listened to them and fulfilled them every day despite not understanding.

Are we capable of entrusting ourselves in that way? To trust so much that in the events we experience each day we see God’s action and listen to what He tells us is important? Even when it will seem that He is not near us? In every event God teaches us something. Perhaps to trust like Abraham? Maybe He is trying to expose our weaknesses, or wants to open our eyes to the needs of others? It’s not easy to read God’s message. However, when we enter into a close relationship with God, we will have a greater awareness of His presence, similar to Abraham, and it will become possible and easier.

Only the questions is, do we want this?