Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Fourth Thursday of Eastertide – Acts 13:13-35; John 13:16-20

If I want to be happy (blessed) in life, I have to be guided by a simple principle: “no servant is greater than his master, no messenger is greater than the man who sent him”.

Jesus said this immediately after He had washed the feet of the disciples, i.e., not attributing any importance to who He was in their eyes, He performed the gesture of the least respected person in society toward them.

And I am to conduct myself as He did, if I am His disciple, His servant. Not guided by whether I like someone, or not; whether my behaviour benefits me, or not; whether something comes out of it, or not; what people say, etc., etc.

I am to conduct myself as He did: call the betrayer friend; maintain respect for those who are despised and rejected by others; not to accumulate riches and wealth for myself, but to give to all; to keep silent when they accuse me and spit in my face; to forgive and to ask for forgiveness for those who hurt me, etc., etc.

And also, to want to continuously encounter the Father and even at the cost of finding the time for prayer from my rest; to rejoice with those who celebrate their feast; to accept the invitation from those who want to meet me and to let myself be their guest; to rejoice at someone’s generosity and respond to even a crumb of kindness; not to judge. And to seek the will of God in everything so as to fulfil it as best as is possible.

Come, Holy Spirit, and grant the graces of humility and reverence.