Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Monday of Week Nine Ordinary Time – Tob 1:3,2:1-6; Mark 12:1-12

A person knows intuitively in their heart when God warns and shows them their hatred and bad behaviour. However, instead of changing their behaviour they try “to kill” God, muffling His voice within them. The tenants in the parable became murderers because they began to usurp the right to everything they were leasing, which never belonged to chem.

There is within us a desire to be independent of God. The desire to live life, not as a gift, a task, an obligation, but as something with which we can treat arbitrarily, disregarding God’s commandments.

This is why we try to negate the reality that surrounds us. We do not fulfil God’s commandments, because it is often associated with hardship, exposure to ridicule, the mockery of friends, the risk of rejection or loss of a job or even life. It’s good if we can at least respect those whom God sends to us to show us where we are wrong.

But the words of Jesus describe a sad reality: the rejection of God’s laws always leads to murder: one’s own soul or another’s.