Saturday of Week 13 – Genesis 27:1=5,15-29; Matthew 9:14-17


God writes straight on crooked lines

Is it scandalous? Rebecca and Jacob’s deception who wangle the blessing from Isaac depriving Esau of the elder’s privileges. Had he earlier sold his rights for a bowl of lentils? Well, the question is: did he take it seriously? Probably not, and much less Isaac . . .

How did it happen that the cheat Jacob in the end was the father of the Chosen People? In this way God shows that sin is not able to foil His intentions. He isn’t repelled by employing sinners in His plans. It is not about condoning sin, but about showing that human scheming will not cancel out God’s saving plan.

I try to apply this into life today. I see a lot of sins. In the Church and beyond. Is it the defeat of God? Yet, He knows every move we make until the end of the world. And He knows how to win the game. Not against people, but actually for their good. Especially the eternal good.

O God, our human ways are crooked. However, I am absolutely confident that You can lead us sinners in such a way that we eventually come to You . . .