Wed. May 29th, 2024

Monday of Week 16 – Ex 14:5-18; Matthew 12:38-42

They still didn’t believe it; it still wasn’t enough for them. They were looking for holes in everything, they wanted to catch Him out with some mistake, so they demanded another sign. They were going to resist the truth at all costs, so they dug in and questioned things that to others were obvious and undisputable. They didn’t have the good will to believe what they themselves had witnessed. Did the blunt words of Jesus touch their hearts?

This attitude doesn’t just apply to the Pharisees and scribes, it’s as valid in today’s world. Listening to various discussions and interview, in which one side does not want to accept the truth, you get the impression that those in conversation are not listening to each other. I have to admit that when it’s hard for me to agree with someone else, I urgently search for opposing arguments, just so as not to recognize that the truth is on the other side.

After death, I will know the truth, especially about myself. And I will no longer be able to demand more signs to question it, to prove that my truth is different from God’s. I can continue to remain blind and closed to the signs of Heaven. Will God, the only Truth, move my heart so that, knowing the truth, I will want to live with Him forever?

Lord, give us Your wisdom and increase our love for Your ways. Help us to resist temptation and all wilfulness that we may wholly trust in You, because with You all things are possible.