Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Feast of Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross – Hos 2:16b,17b,21-22; Ps 45; Matthew 25:1-13

Many things come to us out of season: another child; a report to be written 10 minutes before the meeting; the flu, when we have other specific plans; even rain on a holiday . . . And in reality, it is difficult to be prepared for them, to foresee all the twist and turns, and the possible turns of fate . . . So, we’re not surprised at those five foolish bridesmaids, that they didn’t think about a supply of oil.

Belief in God assumes a readiness for the unexpected and unpredictable. It tells us to wait for God, who comes when He wants, to take what He wants and to give what pleases Him. In this, everyday life can be a good training – our openness, responsibilities and obedience. Yes, obedience. Because this submission of the heart can be the most difficult for us: we attain holiness according to our own measure and our own plans. But perhaps God sees it differently.

Lord Jesus, You love me, You are always with me. All I need is to be vigilant, be prepared and to search for You in the silence. Let me hear Your voice and be ready for the surprises You bring to me. Amen.