Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Wednesday of Week 25 – Ezra 9:5-9; Tobit 13:2,4,6-8; Luke 9:1-6

Lord Jesus, I am sorry for my blindness.

It causes me not to see the hideousness of my sin. It makes me not want to repent for the evil I have committed in my life.

It makes my eyes look at another person with contempt, haughtily, and see a speck of evil in him, while I myself do not want to see a beam of evil in my life.

Lord, please let me know the enormity of the evil I have committed.

Break my haughtiness and pride, for they prevent me from receiving Your gifts.

They are what dissuade me from serving my neighbour. Because of them, I misuse Your gifts: for my own sake, not for Your glory.

Have mercy on me, Lord, and show me Your mercy, leading me to know the full truth about myself. Help me to sincerely repent for everything I have done to hurt Your great Love.