Wed. May 29th, 2024

Monday of Week 25 – Eza 1:1-6; Ps 125:1-6; Luke 8:16-18


God can deal with much more difficult problems

Situations that seemed to have no solution. There is nothing that can be done, you have to forget about hopes. And yet… Today we read in Ezra:

“To fulfil will of the Lord that was spoken through Jeremiah, the Lord roused the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia” – well, end of quote, because it would be necessary to quote most of the first reading here. Let’s summarize: so he allowed those abducted by the Babylonians, or rather their descendants, to return to their homeland.

God can make impossible problems suddenly go away like a bad dream and a new one begins. Wasn’t that what happened when, in the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire numbering 100,00 men besieging Vienna were defended by 21,000? Wasn’t that how it was in 1989, when communism was dismantled without a single shot? God know how.

God can find surprising solutions to insoluble problems . . .