Wednesday of Week 22 – Col 1:1-8; Ps 52; Luke 4:38-44

Each of us is called to perform many different tasks. Some, for example, are priests, others are married people. Some transform the world as fit and healthy people, others – through their weakness and suffering. We are parents, children, siblings, friends, acquaintances – the wealth of human vocations is enormous.

However, there is one more, most basic vocation to which God has called every human being without exception: to be His child. God wanted to give me life – and I existed in time and history. My life has a beginning but no end. God’s love does not end with the death of the creature, and God wants to enjoy His creation forever. Hence the promise of eternal life with Him, my reward. Does this awareness inflame my soul with the fever of waiting for the Meeting, or is it consumed by a fever of a different kind: resulting from impatience, disbelief in His Love and promises?

How good that God heals all my diseases and saves my life from destruction – especially eternal life.