Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Tuesday of Week 30 – Rom 8:18-25; Ps 125:1-6; Luke 13:18-21

This is difficult saying, said Jesus’ listeners. And today it often seems that the teachings of the Church are too difficult to understand. Meanwhile, Jesus praises God for revealing the secrets of the Kingdom to little children. Uneducated.

Maybe you can overlearn? Overthink it, trying to understand God in a human way? Because how can we humanly understand that our salvation has already taken place, and at the same time it is still happening? How not to divide, separate and simplify?

The sufferings of this present life cannot be compared with the glory. . . – writes Saint Paul. No, it does not minimize suffering. Both when he wrote these words and today, they are unimaginable. The world’s suffering is growing. But we are even less able to imagine the glory that will transcend them all. . .

The Kingdom of God. It already exists and at the same time it is constantly becoming. How? In the parable of the mustard seed, one statement disappears from view: it was in his garden that the farmer sowed the seed that became a tree. We are to plant the seeds of faith, hope and love in our garden, in our hearts and in our lives. That it may become a tree and that all creation may take refuge in its shade and share in the freedom and glory of God’s children.

The kingdom of God is within you, Jesus said. Whoever wants to understand, let him understand.