Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Thursday Week 28 – Rom 3:21-30; Psalm 129:1-6; Luke 11:47-54

We see them everywhere. Imperfect laws, discrepancy between the faith professed and lived, the clothes of those entering and leaving the temple, grandmothers stuttering (?) prayers. Thousands of reasons justifying standing still and not wanting to go in and commit yourself fully.

Obstacles are a bit like a child running around the church. It can distract, but also encourage prayer. It all depends on the outlook. Where’s he going – that’s the first reaction. Look, he feels great in God’s presence, as if at home. And that’s just one step away from giving thanks for a home for everyone.

Anger or joy. Provoked by the presence of a child? No, everything depends on your perspective, on the heart with which you stand before God in the community of brothers and sisters. The obstacle are not the so-called external factors. The most dangerous obstacle, and who knows, maybe the only one, is sin. It is the reason why, by not entering myself, I make it difficult for others to enter.

Fortunately, this is an obstacle that can be overcome. “If you, O Lord, should mark our guilt, Lord who would survive? But with you there is forgiveness: for this we revere you.” This is enough for the sentry guarding the entrance to become the sentry of the morning.