18th December – Jer 23:5-8; Matthew 1:8-24

O God, give your judgement to the king, to a king’s son your justice

What did he think about when he began to suspect that his beloved was expecting a child that wasn’t his? Why didn’t he try to clear up the situation? Why did Mary not share God’s secret with him? Did they respect and trust each other so much? Were they silent, because silence was for them a space reserved exclusively for God, from whom they drew strength in this difficult situation?

There was no screaming and clamour in them. Joseph does not reproach Mary. He wants to distance himself from her secretly, but he doesn’t blame her. Maybe there was bitterness and sadness, but there was no anger. Although he had the right to throw the stone first, he doesn’t. Rather, he tries to protect her. When the angel discloses Mary’s mystery to him, he takes her to himself without needless explanations and questions.

What does Joseph teach me today? To look with love at all people, even those I feel hurt by. Peace and self -control when I experience adversities. And seeking God’s thoughts in incomprehensible situations.

Good God, I adore You because I experience that whenever I leave my difficult situations to You, You always free me from fear, showing me Your perspective. Amen.