Saturday of Week 2 – 2 Sam 1:1-4,11-12,17,19,23-27; Mark 3:20-21

“O daughters of Israel, weep for Saul” cries David after the death of the king of Israel and his son, his friend Jonathan. Weep for Saul. Not “ha, ha, he got his way” or “finally, now I’ll get to power.”

I admire David. His decency. “New brooms” in various important positions often do everything not to leave a trace of their predecessors. And they also tend to take credit for their achievements. As if it all started with them. If I get to be bishop . . . Well, luckily there’s no danger of that.

Protect me, Lord, from being ridiculous. Teach me humility so that I can also appreciate the successes of others, and not just my own. Especially if my ideas are just unrealised schemes. . .