Friday of Week 1 – 1 Sam 8:4-7,10-22; Ps 88:16-19; Mark 2:1-12

They came bringing him a paralytic carried by four men.

A friend in need, is a friend indeed – as the saying goes. Or as the Polish version goes: True friendship is known in poverty. This was experienced by the paralytic in the Gospel whose friends made it possible to encounter Jesus. They gave him the possibility, despite his disabilities, to see the face of Christ, who was teaching in Capernaum.

In their desire to help their sick friend, these four companions resorted to a radical solution: they stripped the roof of the house and lowered the paralytic down before Jesus. Although disease is something against the intention of God, it is still a part of evil that affects people as a consequence of sin.

Sometimes, in making it possible for other people to contact Jesus, a certain amount of creativity is needed, and spontaneity as well. It’s also about faith that God can change everything, but co-operation on the part of the person is needed. What in human terms seems difficult and therefore unachievable, brings a surprising effect. However, we do need to genuinely entrust ourselves to Him who is the Beginning and the End.

Lord Jesus, You know every one of my paralyses, You know what I fear and what drains the life from me. Reveal Your good and beautiful face to me in the darkness of fear. For You are the light that shines for ever and ever.