Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Monday of 1st Week of Lent – Lev 19:1-2,11-19; Ps 19:8-10,15; Matthew 25:31-46

The law of the Lord is perfect, it revives the soul. (Psalm 19:8)

I know God’s commandments. I don’t think I have a problem distinguishing between good and evil. Looking at others, I like to evaluate their attitudes. I know how they should and shouldn’t behave. I blether to make myself feel better than them. I focus on their flaws to justify my weaknesses. I exaggerate my own good and at the same time ignore it in others. And vice versa – I downplay my shortcomings while demonising them in others. I effectively try to distract myself from my sinfulness. And when it’s my fault I miss opportunities to do something good, I justify them with the pervasive heartlessness and the fact that everyone else does it.

Today God reminds us: you shall not oppress your neighbour, you shall not curse, you shall not put obstacles in the way, you shall not be partial, you shall not spread slander, you shall not hate your brother. He doesn’t talk about others, but He talks about me. This calls me to love my neighbour and to holiness. Be holy, because I am holy, He says.

It’s worth asking myself, especially now during Lent, about my relationships with others. Do I build it on love or self-interest? Do I care about them or are they a tool to justify my weaknesses? Do they make me reflect on myself and my attitudes, or are they full of grudges and accusations? Can I still love?

How I respond to the word:
I will look at my relationships with other people. I will pay attention to what I say about them, I will think about what feelings arise in me when I meet them and talk to them. And I will reflect on why they are as they are.