Monday of Week 5 – 1 Kings 8:1-7,9-13; Psalm 132; Mark 6:53-56

It is becoming increasingly difficult to comprehend the contemporaries of Jesus. Even this hurrying of the sick. Today, all you need to do is reach for your phone, dial a number or run the appropriate app. There is no special effort involved in calling for help. Only the emotions are similar.

And yet. . . When pilgrims pray before the tomb of a saint and touch a relic of them. When on a morning in Lourdes people are waiting, looking for a suitable place, going in procession to see, bathe and touch. Many ask why. Without faith you won’t understand. Because within it is a promise for today. The Lord guarantees believers miracles greater than those performed by Him, signs confirming His resurrection. Sometimes these miraculous signs are the living, other times it’s those living in the mystery of the communion of saints. The miracles didn’t end with Jesus’ departure to heaven. It doesn’t take much to be touched, transformed, filled with God and His grace.

Believe, hurry, touch.

Lord, I have You physically so close to me, in the tabernacle, in the monstrance and in Holy Communion. Please make my faith so strong that You would be able to work within me.