Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Thursday of Week 5 – Psalm 106:2-3; Mark 7:24-30

O Lord, remember me out of the love that you have for your people (Psalm 106:4).

She was completely helpless when her daughter was tormented by an evil spirit. She herself, as a pagan, and had no right to speak to Jews. She took a risk, fell down before Jesus and boldly pleaded, even begged for help.

Can I afford such trust? Or maybe I am too self-confident and believe that I am unconditionally entitled to God’s help? Am I convinced that I deserve His love? It’s not easy for me to stand before God and ask like a beggar. Maybe that’s why I rebel when difficulties arise, when something happens contrary to my expectations. To be able to trust, you must acknowledge your helplessness and stand before God like a beggar.

Lord Jesus, give me wisdom that will allow me to understand what is most important. Give me the courage to approach You with my deepest needs. And teach me to pray with the great humility shown by the Syrophoenician woman. Amen.