Fourth Tuesday of Eastertide – Acts 11:19-26; John 10:22-30

To follow Him, means where? For a walk? A little relaxation? A bit of a spiritual facelift? Take in a breath of fresh air and improve your well-being? Increase your self-esteem by being n the company of Someone important and well-known?

To follow Him, but what for? So that it’s easier? In the hope of a protective bubble? So that there’ll be no lack of health and daily bread? Because the hills will be levelled, and storms calmed before Him?

Following Him. This means being at one with the Father. This means my actions witness to who I am. This means “Christianoi” or the Anointed, anointed in the same Spirit. This means listening but also preaching. This means gazing into eternity.

Following Him. Is not a walk in the park. It is always. Not relaxing. Effort and struggle. Sometimes in gentle waters. Sometimes in rough waters.

Following Him . . . Is it what you really want?

Following Him . . . Can it really be said that Christianity is a crutch for the weak?!

Lord Jesus Christ, today I hear You say: The Father and I are one. Include me in this unity so that I may draw on Your love in following Your path through life. You live and reign for ever and ever.  Amen.