Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Friday of Week 33 – Apoc 10:8-11; Luke 19:45-48


Life is not just sweetness

This a is a strange apocalyptic scene in today’s liturgy of the word. To eat a book? And it will turn out to be sweet in the mouth but sour internally.

This is the book of final judgements. As I read it, in opposition to the previous book, the one properly sealed, presenting what is already understood and revealed . . . And this both sweet and sour at the same time . . .

I’m not going into what is written in this book. But I do know what it is like being a Christian. This is what I desire with the whole of my heart. But at the same time there are sometimes hardships, the need for self-denial and you are required to bear various adversities. Yes, the road of Christian faith is accompanied by sweetness, but bitterness too. But it is worth it. But not only because of eternal life. It’s also because standing on the side of what is good and right is always better than giving in to the lust for what are easy but short-lived successes, which you are later ashamed of . . .