Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

The Feast of Saint Margaret of Scotland – Prov 31:10-13,19-20,30-31; 1 Cor 12:31-13:13; Matthew 25:31-46

Saint Margaret’s life is a testimony to how she allowed the love of God to rule in her heart? Saint Augustine says, “Essentially, there are two kinds of people, because there are two kinds of love. One is holy, the other is selfish. One is subject to God; the other endeavours to equal Him.” Jesus came not only to fulfil the law, but to transform it through the gift of the Holy Spirit who fills our hearts with the love of God (Romans 5:5). We have to want to allow God’s love to purify our heart, thoughts, and actions?

Jesus’ story about the separation of goats and sheep must have unsettled His audience. Separation is an inevitable consequence of judgement. The Day of Judgement will reveal who showed true compassion and mercy toward their neighbour. Jesus teaches us a very important lesson about loving our neighbour and taking responsibility for others. God will judge us not only for the wrong we have done but also for what we have failed to do. Now is the time of God’s mercy, for seeking His help and grace, to turn away from sin and to walk in His way of love.

This parable is similar to the parable about Lazarus and the rich man. The rich man let Lazarus die on his doorstep and was doomed to crave for drops of cold water he had not even thought about giving to the poor man.

God is gracious and merciful; His love compels us to treat others with mercy and kindness. When we do something for one of Christ’s little ones, we do it for Christ. To treat your neighbour with mercy and love is being Christ as well seeing Christ?