Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Wednesday of week 6 – Genesis 8:6-13,20-22; Mark 8:22-26

He laid his hands on the man’s eyes again and he saw clearly.

We’re used to Jesus healing those who ask Him. Why isn’t He do it straight away this time? First, He lead the blind man out of the village and then using spittle He partially healed him. It was only the second time when laid hands on his eyes did he regain his sight. This event took place after Jesus has rebuked His disciple for being blind to the sign He did. Perhaps this two-stage miracle was a test for them? Or maybe the man himself didn’t believe in the power of Jesus, since other had brought the blind man to Him. Jesus’ gradual miracle was to awaken faith. He did it outside the village not to cause a sensation because that could of prevented it.

If you’re wanting to deepen your relationship with God, your faith, you need to find calm, to distance yourself from what gets in the way. It takes time and you have to consent to it happening gradually. We mustn’t get discouraged when it fails and we constantly feel that that He’s not present or close. With trust we wait until He again lays His hands on our eyes. And perhaps then we experience a miracle.

Each day I stand before You, Lord, for You to touch my eyes so that I can see clearly and distinctly.