Thursday of Week 6 – Genesis 9:1-13; Mark 8:27-33

The question of readiness to face the cross arouses fear. Because, among the vast majority of people, the cross is seen as the ruin of happiness. It’s not without reason we talk about when our plans are crushed as being crucified. Words express how we feel and how we think. When something doesn’t work out – the cross. Success, we associate with its absence. For the moment, let’s pass over the durability of this success.

Childhood years, growing up into a youth and then the public teachings of Jesus were not only sublime moral principles, beautiful parables and a step toward the kingdom of love – above all, a preparation to face the most important challenge of His mission on earth, which was the acceptance of the cross. For us, we too have to prepare for an encounter with the cross.

We must prepare for family live and for life in a profession or occupation. There are even courses on preparing people to achieve success in life and for self-improvement. Only there’s no such school to prepare for an encounter with the cross. Who knows, if this is why so many people fall into depression, sadness and doubt when it appears in their lives. And if it is accepted, it’s not as a gift. At the most it’s as a necessity. Regrettably and reluctantly, and as a burden.

The school of the cross is first of all a change in thinking from human to God’s. After that, it’s just details. From rising in the morning, beginning from planning the day and conscientiously performing the most difficult of tasks through to patiently bearing minor inconveniences and aches and pains.