Holy Thursday – Exodus 12:1-8,11-14; 1 Cor 11:23-26; John

A God, who serves, cares, and saves. It would seem that this is what we want. And yet, when He does: it raises our objections. “Not like this, but like that,” we say. “God, do this and that,” we cry. We shrug our shoulders: “I prefer to believe in my own way” . . .

The will of God, Jesus obedient to the Father, the history of salvation – all this permeates our everyday life. And we in this everyday life: we don’t listen to God, we still think that we know better, we realize too late that we have strayed from the path.

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, show us who You are.

Lord, cleanse my heart, so to be keen in service. Defend me from the temptation to seek power and significance, which is service only in name.