Wed. May 29th, 2024

Holy Week, Wednesday – Is 50:4-9; Psalm 69:8-10,21-22,31,33-34; Matthew 26:14-25

We can often cut ourselves off. Mentally, emotionally. Exclude the weak and scarred from our lives. Not exposing ourselves to abuse or harm. Put a wall up between us and the needs of others. Don’t go there, don’t say anything about it, say that you don’t have enough time, that you have things to do. But really, we can do it.

But Jesus is so different. He doesn’t hide his own Face from us, but reveals it: actually, in the weak, scarred, and needy. If we’re on their side – what will happen? If we find the time, we will look for opportunities – who knows what else they may demand . . .

Yet we hear this complaint, we hear this voice: “Taunts have broken my heart; I have reached the end of my strength, I looked in vain for compassion, for consolers; not one could I find” . . .

Yet, His voice reaches us.

Lord Jesus, the silver pieces of sin are a great temptation. Will I here their call over Your voice? Despite my temptations, stay with me. You live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.