Monday of Advent 2 – Is 35:1-10; Luke 5:17-26

I’ve never been paralyzed, so I don’t know the feeling of complete physical powerlessness, the inability to move your hand or leg, or to walk. I can’t even imagine this state. And yet I think I’m often paralysed. It just applies to my soul, and not to the body.

Because of my weakness and sin, this happens when I struggle in the paralysis of the will, and I don’t say “no” to evil. Despite many good intentions, despite many provisions, nothing in my spiritual life changes for the better: I don’t forgive those who hurt me or even slightly affected me; I don’t stop badmouthing my friends under the guise of concern about them; I waste time in front of the TV or computer instead of doing something needed, more valuable.

I will not heal myself from this paralysis. Whatever good happens, every momentarily breaking passivity and lukewarmness is the result of the prayers of many people, my loved ones, who patiently and persistently bring me before the physician. It is his word that cleans me and strengthens me. He opens my eyes and ears to the reality about me, about other people. He frees me from anxiety and fear.

So how not to rejoice, not to enjoy, not to dance? God Himself comes to save me! Me. Only He has the power to take what is withered and dried up in me, and bring fruit out of it.