Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Second Tuesday of Advent – Is 40:1-11; Matthew 18:12-14

Jesus, the eternal word of the Father, taught the people for three years. He gave them words. He spoke to them in parables, sometimes He explained these parables to the disciples. In this way – not just with deeds – He tried to bring people closer to the God who created a them out of love and who destined them to love.

God gives me His Word so that I’d give a response – not only with deed, but also in word. And it’s not a matter of just words but what words I give in response to God. My words are to be brave, and loud. They are to be the words of a joyful song, praising His goodness, His wonders, which my life is full of.

It’s important that I’d want to respond God in this way even when there is darkness and pain in my life. When it is full of anxiety and fear. This life will pass like grass, and my words adoring God will continue. Because my words also have power. It will not make darkness and pain disappear, but the word of glory and joy that He is and constantly watches, transforms my soul, and enlightens the eyes of my heart.

Lord Jesus, I can and I want to help You but first must I humbly admit the truth about myself: that I am the most lost and the weakest; yet, with Your support I am able to pass on Your powerful Word in deed and also in my words. Amen.