4 January – 1 John 3:7-10; Ps 97:1,7-9; John 1:35-42

A tree is recognised by its fruits, and by a person by their actions

John pointed out Jesus to his disciples. They followed the Master. We don’t know how long they followed Him. Maybe they were overawed, maybe they quietly bickered: “No, you start first . . .”. At a certain point Jesus took the initiative: He stopped, turned to them, looked them in the eyes and posed a simple question: “What do you want?”. He received an honest answer: “Teacher, where do you live?”, which means: “Who are you?”. And Jesus invited them. He also invites us to the pages of the Gospel. There we can come to know His words, gestures, feelings, attitude, choices and discover through hearing the Word, who He is. Am I curious about Jesus? Do I want to meet Him and know Him, and follow Him through life?

Jesus, today I set out to follow You and want to pose my question: Teacher, . . . . . ?