2 January – 1 John 2:22-28; Ps 98; John 1:19-28

A question asked of others as we get to know them during our common earthly journey.

I also ask myself the same question, and I don’t always like the answer. Who I am is not determined by who I would like to be, but by what I say and how I behave towards other people. It is my words and actions that show the truth of who I am.

This question: “Who are you?” I also ask of Jesus, and I look for answers in Holy Scripture, in the teachings of the Church or by listening to God’s people.

I’m afraid of quick and simple answers to this question. Too quick and simple, they often only show a small part of the truth. It’s impossible to describe God and man in one word, in one sentence.

Nevertheless, it is worth asking and waiting for an answer, remaining open to accepting the truth that God and man would like to share with me.

Lord Jesus, let me enjoy Your presence in my life. I want to share the joy and happiness of knowing You. Like Saint John the Baptist may I know who I am and delight in Your coming, so that my love for You will be authentic. Amen.