Monday of the 2nd Week of Lent – Daniel 9:4-10; Luke 6:36-38

Today’s word, a continuation of the commandment to love your enemies, a fragment of Jesus’ speech, is striking in its obviousness. It is difficult to look for subtexts and hidden meanings in it. At most, we can surrender to this obviousness by performing a simple exercise that allows us to discern how faithful we are to the message of the Gospel.

Therefore, to start with, I suggest preparing three, maybe more, clean sheets of paper. Divide each in half. Write a name at the top. Not necessarily someone close to you. It could be a neighbour, someone from work, or someone you follow on social media. Continue as in the final judgment scene.

On the right is what is good. What did these people delight me with, what did they give me, why do I appreciate them, what good things did I say about them, what special gifts did I notice, for what am I grateful to them and to God? On the left, how I thought about them, how many times I judged them, condemned them, did not allow them to have a say, kept them out, ridiculed them, mocked them, drove them to despair, cursed them in my heart, considered them unworthy of God’s and human mercy.

And at the end. . . No matter how many entries there were on the right and left, pray with the words of Psalm 34. Bless the One who opened your eyes and allowed you to see. However, if it turns out that there is also something on the left side, at least one entry, add Daniel’s prayer from today’s reading.

After this exercise, we will certainly experience the life-giving power of the Word.