Wednesday of 2nd Week of Lent – Jer 18:18-20; Ps 30:5-6; Matthew 20:17-28

‘Come on,’ they said, ‘let us concoct a plot against Jeremiah’.

The truth sets free those in need of conversion but causes rebellion in the wicked. The latter will do everything to silence the inconvenient preaching of the truth. The prophet Jeremiah, who was in such a difficult human situation, deprived of a hearing among the people of Judah and persecuted, prayed with trust to God.

As Cyprian Norwid says: “Whoever speaks the truth, is the one who stirs up anxiety”. At that time such a person becomes an inconvenience. For the one who proclaims the truth, his guide and strength is Jesus, the “light of the world”, who gives to those who step along with Him “the light of life”. “The Son of Man came, not to be served, but to serve and to give his life for the ransom of many”, today points out the path of truth, which becomes the Lenten path of change and making the way toward the Easter victory over the shadow of falsehood and darkness of lies.

Take away the darkness and hidden desires from me,
Depths without measure and the depths of anxiety,
And make me a clear current,
So that I no longer have
To make amends for sin with sin.
Roman Brandstaetter, Psalm sung at the foot of the mountain of the beatitudes (fragment)