This isn’t wanted. People prefer a Ruler and for them to be at His side. Standing next to the Humbled One isn’t really suited to their cultured arrangements, proper relations, or serious faces.

So if we are to go as servants, perhaps we first need to prepare the world for it somehow, so as to be properly understood, for our nobility to be noticed, our spiritual growth honoured. Perhaps the packaging needs to be changed and the offer improved.

And would we also prefer to wash the feet of those outside us, at least not our own people, those we know? Our own people are too greedy or too neglectful, too rich or too poor, too wise or too stupid. And above all, above all – a big no to “each other”! Let them not touch us, let not their unworthy hands and unworthy lips proclaim You to us. After all, we are the ones who are initiated, more experienced, more important. . .

Jesus from Upper Room, girded with a linen towel with which you wipe the feet of your disciples, let me understand that love becomes great when it begins to humbly serve each other. Amen.